MAC “Spirit”

This particular lipstick isn’t talked about much online. It’s a satin formula, and the colour is difficult to describe — it’s too dark to be really considered a part of the nude family, but it’s not a straight-up brown either. It’s definitely a 90s-esque lipstick, and darker in colour compared to many of the trendy “90s” lipsticks that read more like a modernised interpretation.

Colour is very pigmented and opaque — this is a single swipe.


It’s a satin formula, which is supposed to be smoother than the matte formula, but still retain a matte finish. However you do need to make sure that you have hydrated and smooth lips before applying this to prevent it from sinking into lip lines. Some would say you could wear a balm under, but personally I don’t get that — I find it tough to apply lipsticks evenly over balms. Could be just me though.

Left: My bare, pale, chapped lips. Right: Wearing MAC “Spirit” lipstick. As you can see it settled immediately into my lip lines.

Wearing MAC “Spirit” lipstick

The undertones in the lipstick are complex — it changes in different lightings, shifting through terracotta, brown, mauve. I’d say it’s a MLBB colour with an edge — it straddles the line between neutral and bold. I really like the colour, but you’ll need hydrated and unchapped lips to make this work well. The lasting power is pretty good and it doesn’t move for the most part, but it won’t last through a meal. It’s also very slightly drying.


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