Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge “Powder Pink”

I purchased this (off the Bobbi Brown website, for £19.50) after seeing it on a few people online. It looked like a subtle, natural flush of neutral pink-beige, and it’s a lip and cheek dual product, which is right up my street. (The Becca beach tints are my absolute favourites.)

The actual colour isn’t what I was expecting — it’s considerably darker and more warm-toned. I was quite disappointed because I tend to bring out the orange tones in everything, and this pulled distinctly peach on me. IMG_6147.JPGHere’s the Powder Pink pot rouge worn on cheeks. As you can see it looks peachy rather than pink. It’s got a very dry and solid consistency, and it’s quite pigmented — has to be applied in very small amounts,  and blended out quickly and well. For this reason I feel that this would work best for people with good, unblemished skin — the vigorous blending you’d have to do after applying this would easily mess up any foundation or concealer underneath. IMG_6134.JPGHere’s the Powder Pink pot rouge worn on lips. I much prefer this on the lips, because it’s much easier to apply and leaves a nice emollient finish. I didn’t find it drying.

Overall, I think this is a product best suited to people with clear and unblemished skin, on whom this would look very seamless and natural when worn as a blush. It functions decently as a lip colour but being emollient, doesn’t last very long. I would recommend this to people who like their blush pigmented and long-wearing.