Jouer Cosmetics: Mermaid Collection & Dulce de Leche

Jouer Cosmetics released a limited edition mermaid-inspired collection for summer 2016, and it was love at first sight. Everyone loves mermaids. They’re such beautiful, mystical creatures — they make me think of the misty ocean mornings, tails glistening with dark opalescent shifts, the mysterious deep sea, sunlight hitting aqua… and they bring to mind the last few lines of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

“We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”

I was kind of sold by the concept of the collection alone, and after looking at some swatches I placed an order on Cult Beauty for the eyeshadow palette and lip topper from the mermaid collection, as well as one of their long-wear lip creme liquid lipsticks in the shade dulce de leche.

The Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette (£30) and Skinny Dip lip topper (£12.50) are limited edition as part of the mermaid collection, while the long-wear lip creme in dulce de leche (£14) is part of the permanent collection. I was initially considering the cream highlight palette as well (I love cream products) but I was only really interested in the two limited edition shades and couldn’t justify the purchase. The collection also included 4 limited edition long-wear lip cremes, but I didn’t pick any up because I’m not into bright lipstick colours.

Swatches of the four shades. From L–R: coconut, pink pearl, splash, dreamer.

coconut: iridescent ice white
pink pearl: iridescent soft pink
splash: iridescent aquamarine
dreamer: iridescent duochrome peacock

All the shadows are very soft to the touch. I prefer to apply with fingers, as I got quite a lot of glittery fallout when I applied them dry with a brush. Coconut has a very slight icy-blue hue to its sparkle. Splash applies significantly lighter than it looks in the pan. Dreamer is slightly harder than the other shadows but applies just as smoothly. I love all the shades and think they’re beautiful, but this is not for you if you don’t like full-out glittery sparkle in your eyeshadows — all the shades are very iridescent as the name implies.

L: long-wear lip creme in dulce de leche, R: long-wear lip topper in skinny dip

dulce de leche: matte cool nude
skinny dip: metallic shimmering golden nude

Dulce de leche dries down darker than it initially applies and compared to how it looks in the tube.

Wearing long-wear lip creme in dulce de lecheIMG_6358.JPG
Wearing long-wear lip topper in skinny dip over dulce de leche

I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks. They’re comfortable (feel almost like balms), lightweight, don’t feel drying or sticky, and stay on for ages. They do settle into my lip lines, but my lips are so perma-parched that just about every product does. I don’t think they make my lip lines look particularly prominent.

Dulce de leche is a perfect everyday shade. It’s a slightly muted, neutral rose pink nude. Skinny dip is a shimmering golden with a hint of copper, and it’s not subtle at all — it has a decidedly strong metallic sheen and obvious sparkles (though you can’t feel it). This would be a bold look even used on its own — despite being called a “lip topper” it’s nothing like a subtle gloss. It might not be suited for a low-key natural look, but somehow wearing this really does make me feel like a mermaid. I think this would look especially amazing on people with more tanned skin tones.


By Terry Sun Designer Palette “Light and Tan vibes”

This is a limited edition release for spring/summer, a face palette of “sunkiss powders”, meant to “sculpt contours, brighten features, correct or intensify the complexion, all the while revealing the full splendour of the tan”.

It comes in two colours — Tan & Flash Cruise, which has darker bronzers and more vibrant blush shades, and Light & Tan Vibes, which is the lighter and more tonal palette I picked up. This retails at Space NK for £64, but I got mine for £44 (including the £5 delivery) with the help of some discount codes and accumulated reward points (university students on a budget have to do what they can).IMG_6185The palette is beautiful to look at. It’s elegantly packaged in a sleek art deco inspired plastic casing, which feels sturdy and well-made. The six shades (15g of product in total) are arranged in a zig-zag pattern that mimics the outer shell, allowing for easy mixing of colours.

The powders are very soft and very pigmented, especially the warm pink blush shade and the bronzer — I had to be much more light-handed than I’m used to. However they do blend out really smoothly, so it’s easy to make these look seamless.

IMG_6187Here are swatches:IMG_6312.JPG

The shades in this palette are:

  • a bronze shimmer — this could be used on top of bronzer to create a radiant glow, or mixed in with the pink blush to create a warmer shade.
  • a warm watermelon pink with slight shimmer — I love this shade. It looked a little daunting in the pan, but once blended out gave the most beautiful vibrant flush.
  • a shimmering champagne rose — this is very pigmented and gives an intense highlight.
  • a matte beige — I’m not sure if this is supposed to be used as a highlight, but unfortunately it’s extremely close to my skin colour and doesn’t show up. It could also be mixed with the other bronzer shades.
  •  a matte rosy beige — this is beautiful mixed in with the bronzer, or worn as a neutral blush colour.
  • a warm bronze with slight shimmer — the shimmer doesn’t translate much to the face.

I can definitely see these shades being flattering on a wide range of skin tones, even sun-starved people who don’t have much of a tan to enhance. The shades are all stunning, there’s an excellent mix of mattes and shimmers, and they work together harmoniously to liven up the face. The formulation of these powders is also excellent, they’re a treat to use and last all day without fading.

On the whole, I’m thoroughly impressed with this palette and definitely recommend this to anyone who can get their hands on it. The neutral, tonal range of colour is perfect for creating a soft, diffused and radiant summer look.

Edit: I’ve read on several other reviews that people had problems with kickup. I tested this out by swirling a large Zoeva powder brush in the palette and it did have significant powdery kickup. However I hadn’t actually encountered this problem prior, because these powders are so pigmented and soft that I usually just touch my blush brush to the powder and that would pick up enough product — no kickup at all.